"My Akashic Records reading with Ann was beautiful and healing. Ann delivered the information with compassion, thoughtfulness and beautiful imagery. Ann reconnected me to an important aspect of myself for which I will be forever grateful for. The reading she gave me has stayed with me since. I highly recommend Ann and look forward to working with her in the future!"

~ Sabrina Dawn


I recently had an Akashic Record Session with Ann. Sitting with Ann is a peaceful experience, as she brings softness and calm to the session.

As she read my records, every question I had was answered, most of the time before I had a chance to ask. As Ann stepped into the energy, I felt like I was with her on the journey as she described in detail what she was viewing.

This session with Ann brought me clarity and confidence to move forward into a new area of my work, knowing it was my path to walk and move fear out of my way to fulfill my soul work.

I highly recommend a reading with Ann Nicoletti and watch her create a map of guidance and clarity for your soul.

Ellen Bent



Ann’s beautiful messages and artwork always bring to light what is in my heart and soul. These gently guide me to see and consider things in a different way, or calm and quiet my mind, so I can hear the whispering of my inner voice reminding me of my soul’s wisdom.

Merrimack NH

Thank you for the beautiful share of your artwork. Your painting ANCIENT PASSAGE inspired me to channel and connect on a profound level with the higher realms. It was as if the painting was connected directly to The Christ Consciousness and as if the reshimu of that connection lingered still to those of us lucky enough to view your work. The beautiful poetry, strength and serenity in A HIGHER MISSION spoke deeply to me as well and, again, I must say it was the feeling of a Divine Essence that flowed through you in your writing. 

Ann, your soft and beautiful nature comes across in a serene and almost hypnotic way on your canvases, in your writing and as well as in person. Your work causes a visceral response that lingers and melds on a high vibrational level. Know that it has been an exquisite pleasure getting to know you and your work. Be assured that I will continue to stay current with where you are at with your extreme talent and gifts.

Julie Ann Gadziala
New Hampshire Metaphysical

Anna Marie Nicoletti is a gifted intuitive, artist, poet, and visionary. It was an honor to work with her and share her powerful story, Divine artwork and poetry in The Inner Circle Chronicles~12 Intuitive Women Leaders of the New Economy Transforming Lives and Businesses with Soul and Spirit. Anna has the ability to Divinely express through her art and poetry, and help others connect to and experience the Divinity within them through her high level channeled work. Anna's work is a gift from God to us. Thank you Anna. I am honored to highly recommend your work!

Anne Deidre
New Hampshire

Reading The Inner Circle Chronicles - Book 1 was literally a turning point in my life! When I was a child, I had this dream hundreds of times in which I alone would go to this wonderful place and just look at and feel the beauty, for what seemed like hours. All my life I have been looking for that place. I found it in this book! Anna M. Nicoletti had not only painted a picture of it, but she wrote 50 years after exactly how I felt there and what it was like! It is called “Dreamscape”. This, to me, was such a great confirmation from God and a reminder of his awesomeness! Imagine, when I was a child, he already knew I would need that message. Thank you for allowing Him to flow through you, Anna, Anne, and each of you who authored this book.

Julie H.

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