Higher Mission

By Anna Marie Nicoletti


A beckoning wing in sight

Begins my celestial flight

Beyond sun and twilight

Lifted by time currents above

My spirit soars like a white dove

Guided higher by your pure love


Far beyond my present will

Heavens open wide to instill

A trusted mission to fulfill

My breath no longer mine alone

Blends within your celestial throne

Filled by a wisdom rarely known


Touched with your spark so bright

I’m filled with your brilliant light

As pictures emerge within sight


Showered with messages so grand

From your most abundant land

Entrusted to share and expand


Each treasured blessing to bring

New beginnings of another Spring

Welcome your Voice to ever sing

Brighten the way in highest praise

Many a heart, a soul, a spirit will raise

As your gifts unfold in endless ways

Copyright 2012


Some of Anna's inspirational poetry has been released in The Inner Circle Chronicles - Book 1 published in May 2014.
Higher Mission is one of the six poems written by her appearing within that edition.

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