The Inner Circle Chronicles - Book 1 (Inspired and Edited by Anne Deidre)

The Inner Circle Chronicles - Book 1
(Inspired and Edited by Anne Deidre)

Cost $18.95 Now On Sale for $15 (Plus Tax/Handling)

This amazing book, released in May 2014, will reach into the depths of your heart and soul.

What a joy to be one of the co-authors of this book. It is an honor, for which I am forever grateful, to have met and come to know each of these women who were brought together for this divine purpose. Our lives continue to be enriched through this experience.

We share our stories, art, photography, and poetry with divine inspiration and guidance to bring LIGHT to others along their journeys. Courage and empowerment weave their way throughout the pages. There is a higher wisdom at work shining through our spiritual paths. Each author reveals vulnerabilities with honesty, how they overcame overwhelming life experiences, and the trust residing at their core to bring them to a better place. Their discoveries are now yours as well.

A special appreciation is given to Anne Deidre, intuitive coach and publisher. With her vision and knowing of the greater mission we all have within, this book has become a reality.

Currently books are sold locally (Tewksbury MA) and at fairs in MA and NH.  Contact Anna for more info.  Orders can be picked up at Anna’s studio throughout the year.

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