Anna Marie Nicoletti Intuitive Artist Spiritual Poet

Anna Marie Nicoletti is a channel for Spirit messages to manifest throughout her artwork, poetry, guided healing meditations, and Akashic Records readings. Anna’s combined creative gifts bring uplifting energies of guidance, support, inspiration, and healing. They help provide a path for self-discovery and personal growth while reflecting universal truths that speak to all.


Following many years of hearing Spirit’s call, Anna returned to her artwork, poetry and writing. She is now embracing those channels of expression more fully and has chosen to use this website as a vehicle in which to move something special within the heart and soul of others.


Spiritualism opened “the door” to Anna’s life journey in connecting with Spirit in an uplifting and gentle way. She was introduced to various healing modalities, reading styles and energy work. The expanded awareness of Divine light and love gained from this background became a foundation from which she continues to grow.


Anna’s artistic expression in drawing, oils and acrylics began in her late teens. There were very brief periods within the next 45 years in which she returned to her art. In 2012 Anna was greatly moved by the wonder and excitement she experienced viewing watercolors. She took some private and group lessons from teachers having different styles and approaches. Anna soon developed her own unique expression and technique. The channel from which the artwork manifests carries universal messages. Many are touched on a deeper heart and soul level, bringing through what they need most in a personal way.


As with her drawing and painting, poetry and writing surfaced briefly throughout the years. In 2011 Anna discovered poetry coming alive again through some intuitive work she was doing with others. This also came through during some peaceful, reflective moments. In early 2014, as she was looking at her “In The Quiet” watercolor, words were coming through to her that formed a piece of poetry and a meditation as well. The energy of that painting became alive in greater ways than imagined. This continues to evolve in all aspects of her work.


Anna was one of twelve authors of Amazon’s best-selling book “The Inner Circle Chronicles” which was published in 2014. It includes personal stories of each author, their life challenges and how those were overcome by following that Voice within to their life purpose. It touches the vulnerabilities many can relate to and how to continue on with a soulful inspiration that touches the inner heart. Anna has two of her earlier paintings, six poems, a bio, and her story included within this book.


Anna has been guided to pursue her growing interest in Akashic Records reading. While experiencing her first workshop in accessing the records through the Pathway Prayer process, Anna found this resonated so well with her current reading style. She is passionate about sharing the insight that Spirit brings forth.


Many gifted and spiritual teachers have been part of Anna’s life. She is grateful to all of them. Through their genuine truths and higher wisdom, Anna continues to discover how to weave more of where she has been, where she is and the exploration of where she is going.

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